Field-to-Table Ultimate Gameplay

Tabletop Ultimate Strategy

Excite the Sideline

Huck + Monster is a field-to-table Ultimate Pickup game that condenses the action and gameplay of on-field Ultimate Frisbee, into a travel-sized, sideline ready, turn-based, tabletop gamekit.

Ideal for Ultimate players, fans, and strategy game enthusiasts of any skill level, the Huck + Monster Pickup Gamekit includes everything new coaches need to carry the Spirit of the Game from the Ultimate field, to anywhere a flat surface can be found.

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Orange Team Game Bag

Velvet pull string team bag includes 8 Orange team players, 1 Orange game disc, 3 D6 Orange Action dice, 1 Black D6 Strategy Dice (Defense).

Yellow Team Game Bag

Velvet pull string team bag includes 8 Yellow team players, 1 Yellow game disc, 3 D6 Yellow Action dice, 1 White D6 Strategy Dice (Offense).

Pickup Game Guide

Travel version of our longer game guide, perfect for on-the-go reference. Includes all key starter gameplay mechanics.


Starting 7 Pickup Game Mat

The Starting 7 Pickup Game mat is a 1/16" thick neoprene base, with printed fabric top. Each mat is waterproof, sink-washable, durable, and flexible enough to roll, and carry.

Pickup Gamekit Features

Field-ready design

Each Huck + Monster Gamekit component has been designed for long-term durability, and real-world use. Pickup fields are waterproof, flexible neoprene. Playing pieces are high-visibility, injection molded plastic. Playmaker pins are sturdy metal alloy with soft enamel inlay. Field bags are durable, waterproof, Cordura Nylon.

Rollable Game Fields

Flexible + Durable

Each Gamekit variation includes the exclusive Huck + Monster color-coded Pickup game field. Made from waterproof rubber neoprene, and lovingly covered in hand-washable sublimation printed fabric, these rollable, bendable, play mats are designed to bounce back from rugged outdoor play.

Traveling Game Teams

Pickup All-Stars

Easy to start playing, and quick to pack up, Huck + Monster Gamekits are perfect for field transitions, secret office tournaments, or a quick game between classes. Pickup (and go) whenever the on-field action forces necessary timeouts in the sideline game.

*Image includes Pickup Field Bag Upgrade.

Backwards Future-Proofing

Reverse Scalable gameplay

Huck + Monster Gamekits are each designed for flexible game play, game expansion, and increasing levels of strategy as coaches become more familiar with the game. Check back often for new releases (already on the way) to expand on existing components and Gamekits.

The future is now, and the past is going to be bonkers.

Streamlined Packaging

Unique Packaging

Every Huck + Monster Gamekit comes carefully packaged inside a uniquely sleek, minimalist, cardboard pillow box. This 2" x 5" x 11" cardboard sleeve is the perfect addition to your backpack, or team bag.

Game packages are 4 color process printed, with a sleek, water resistant linen finish. Pillow boxes are each hand sealed with stickers to indicate game edition, release date, vintage, and game type.

Strategy Options

Strategy Playmakers

Each Huck + Monster Gamekit includes specialized Strategy Playmaker Dice, which can double as decision makers for on-field Ultimate play. Limited Edition Gamekits also include specialized Strategy + Team Playmaker Pins as a handy, travel-ready dice alternative.

Strategy Dice

Playmaker Strategy Dice are included as standard in every Pickup Gamekit. Each pair of six-sided (D6) 16mm resin dice include offensive and defensive Ultimate instructions to add variety and strategy to Huck + Monster Gameplay.

Playmaker Pins

The Strategy Playmaker Pins are 1.25" metal alloy pins, inlaid with durable soft enamel, and perfect for sideline Huck + Monster game play when you don't want to lose dice in the grass. Limited Edition Gamekits each include specialized, field-specific pin options.

Full Pickup Teams, Guaranteed

starting 7 teams

The Blood oranges

The Honeydew Lemons


Tabletop Ultimate Frisbee Gameplay

Ultimate Inspired

Huck + Monster Gameplay is based on the most common rules and regulations of Ultimate Frisbee. Position your teams, pass the disc, capitalize on Huck opportunities, and make the most of backfield Monsters with unique, mini-Ultimate gameplay.

Nice Hustle, Players

The Up call

Move the disc toward your opponent's increasingly defended end zone by executing Throws, positioning Continues, and completing Catches. Defend oncoming offensive strategies with disc Marks, path Intercepts, and receiver Challenges.

Score by positioning your team to complete Catches in your opponent's end zone. Game to 7, win by two.

Full Gameplay

Find your field

Huck + Monster Pickup Gamekits are available in three different starting configurations, providing a variety of field styles, strategy options, and personalized game setups.

Midnight Pickup Gamekit
Mini Cone Gamekit
Starting 7 Pickup GamekitStarting 7 Pickup Gamekit
Starting 7 Pickup Gamekit Sale price$28.50 USD
Emergency Pickup GamekitEmergency Pickup Gamekit
Emergency Pickup Gamekit Sale price$58.00 USD
Midnight Pickup GamekitMidnight Pickup Gamekit
Midnight Pickup Gamekit Sale price$48.00 USD
Mini Cone GamekitMini Cone Gamekit
Mini Cone Gamekit Sale price$12.50 USD

Field Notes

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