Emergency Pickup Gamekit

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Avoid a trip to the Lost and Found booth with this highly visible, and extremely difficult to leave behind, Emergency Pickup Gamekit.

This Limited Edition Pickup Gamekit includes 3 Emergency Playmaker Pins, 2 Strategy Dice, and 1 "Field Orange" Emergency Pickup Field. Full Gamekit bundles tightly inside a rollable, clippable, Emergency Pickup Cone Field Bag that make it the most sideline ready Huck + Monster Pickup Game we could offer.

strategy pin

Grab some high-visibility action with the included Limited Edition Emergency Strategy Playmaker pin. Pin includes 18 unique mini-outcomes, 9 per team.

Electric-D Pin

Spark new defensive versatility with this 1.25" metal alloy spinning game pin. Designed for the red team, this dice replacement will instantly light up Gamekit mobility.

Chilly-O Pin

Stay frosty on Offense with this Sideline friendly Offensive pin. Designed for the blue team, this pin is the perfect blue dice replacement when playing from the sidelines.

Field Bag

Highly visible, with dual-functionality, the Emergency Pickup Game Bag is a one-of-a-kind field carrying kit, printed with the Emergency Field Cone motto and icon.


Emergency Pickup Field

Never leave your Gamekit on the fields again with this high-visibility, sideline-ready, bright Orange Pickup Gamekit bundle. Kit includes everything that you may need for an Ultimate emergency on the sidelines, or on the field.


Emergency Strategy Pin

The exclusive "Emergency Strategy" metal alloy spinning pin includes 18 different options for offensive and defensive strategy, as well as a handy fall back option for counting team rolls, and bid results.

The high visibility Emergency Strategy Pin is shared by both teams, and should be pinned directly to the center circle of the neoprene game board.


Team Playmaker Pins

Team Playmaker Pins correspond to each Red and Blue team color as a backup option when an upside down disc isn't available to roll team dice. Keep the Offense Chilly, and the Defense Electric with this pair of 1.25" diameter spinning metal alloy pins.

Included as a Defensive and Offensive pair, these pins give each team an active reference point for game play spins.


Emergency Pickup Teams

Emergency Pickup Gamekit includes classic Red vs. Blue team colors, matched with color coded team dice, or Playmaker Team Pins. Red and Blue teams appear as high contrast game pieces when combined with bright Orange playing field to maximize play visibility on the Ultimate sideline.


Emergency Field Bag

The Emergency Field Bag has been designed with the highest level of quality (and visibility) in mind. Avoid the tournament lost and found with the included Emergency Pickup Game Bag option. Travel-ready and waterproof, with drawstring clasp and carabiner, this high visibility game addition comes with all Emergency Pickup Gamekits.

Please Note: Remove Strategy and Team pins prior to use as an Emergency Field Cone. Strategy Pins will cause bodily harm if Layout occurs on Field Cone.


This Emergency Pickup Gamekit, and included Strategy Components, were designed to be played almost exclusively on the sidelines of active Ultimate game play. For more stable game pieces when playing outdoors, lay players on their side to minimize wind, and ground impacts.

Emergency Game Bag

Included with every Emergency Pickup Gamekit is the Emergency Pickup Bag, which doubles as a Emergency Pickup Cone. Remove Playmaker pins prior to use as a working on-field Pickup cone.

Emergency Pickup Playing Field

Never leave this high visibility gameekit on the sideline again. Designed for play on grass, in the wild, this Emergency Pickup Gamekit field doubles as the home side team beacon.

Defensive Red Team Kit

Kit includes 7 Red Players, 1 Red / Blue game disc, offensive strategy dice, and 3 Red team dice.

Offensive Blue Team Kit

Stay Chilly with Blue team Offense, including 7 players, 1 Blue / Red game disc, 1 Strategy Dice, and 3 team play dice.

Playmaker Pins

Gamekit includes 3 custom designed playmaker pins. Share the Emergency Strategy Playmaker, or use the corresponding team pin to support the home team.


The Emergency Pickup Gamekit includes a set of three custom designed metal spinning pins. The central Strategy Playmaker is shared by both teams to tip key decision points in either team's favor. Each team pin corresponds with on-field player colors, and is used for team movements.


The Emergency Pickup Gamekit is fully equipped with all the latest whistles, bells, and team charisma that we could pack in to the small batch, Limited Edition selection.

The Emergency Pickup Gameplay Guide

Pickup Gameplay Guide

Download the abridged Pickup Gameplay Guide as a slim reference for basic Huck + Monster rules. Designed for travel, this mini-pamphlet rolls easily into any Pickup Game Bag.

Download Pickup Guide

Pickup Gameplay Guide

Download the abridged Pickup Gameplay Guide as a slim reference for basic Huck + Monster rules. Designed for travel, this mini-pamphlet rolls easily into any Pickup Game Bag.

Download Pickup Guide

Coneflower Addition

The perfect orange-on-orange addition, the Mini Cone Gamekit already matches the furniture, and the Emergency Game Kit. Add this on to the Limited Edition Gamekit to fully maximize your game options.