Mini Cone Gamekit

Sale price$12.50 USD

Modify Huck + Monster Pickup Gamekits with our 1/28 scale Mini Field Cones. Each Mini Cone Gamekit includes 8 action-ready 3D printed playing cones, three mini-game cards. Mini games include instructions, and diagrams, for how to add Mini Field Cones to your standard Huck + Monster game.

Mini Cone games are designed to work with the same rules and game guides that make up standard gameplay. This expansion set is a reminder to keep things light, fun, and high-visibility, when playing.

Coneflower Petals

These 1/28 scale, 3D printed, 18mm Mini Cones are perfect addition to any Pickup Gamekit, or any shared office desk area that may be under border dispute.

Pickup Compatible

Extend any Huck + Monster Pickup Gamekit to include 8 on-field mini cones. Each Mini Cone Gamekit also comes equipped with three unique Mini Games and instruction cards.

(Mini) Game On

Mini Cone Gamekits include three Mini Game instruction cards. Each card contains one Mini setup diagram, as well as one set of written instructions for quick reference.

Tabletop Ultimate Gameplay + Strategy

Huck + Monster Pickup Gamekits are available in three different starting configurations, providing a variety of field styles, strategy options, and personalized game setups.

Expandable Gameplay + Strategy

Customize your Pickup Gamekits with an extended collection of game play options. Improve game travel-ability with Field Bags, or extend game rules to include Mini Games, personalized players, or disc colors.