Midnight Pickup Gamekit

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Don't let the classic finish fool you, coaches. This Midnight Pickup Gamekit is full of stealth throws from the shadows, and hospital throws into the abyss. Headlamps are highly encouraged during game play, and all interested coaches should refer to the Strategy Playmaker pin guidelines for use.

Midnight Pickup Gamekit also includes grey team for contrast on the Midnight game board, as well as core Strategy dice as an easy-to-read strategy option.

Please Note: This is not an "easy" version of Huck + Monster to play. (This is the version for people who play a lot of Chess.) Dark team advantage is extremely high. The special "Midnight Moon" Playmaker pin isn't easy to read. **Just like a game of Midnight Ultimate.

strategy pin

Upgrade strategic options with the Limited Edition Midnight Playmaker pin. Included as standard in every Midnight Pickup Gamekit, this exclusive Strategy Playmaker is just the right amount of Moonlight for your Midnight Ultimate game.

Exclusive Gamebag

The exclusive Midnight Pickup Field Bag is so classic and stylish, that it's ready to open the door for you at the next off-field, black-tie-exclusive, Ultimate evening event. This sleek Gamekit is good looking enough to take as a backup, or as your date.

adjust visibility

The Limited Edition Midnight Pickup Gamekit includes standard Black, White, and Grey team colors to customize team gameplay for ideal levels of visibility. Pros know: bring a flashlight, and a magnifying glass, to play this strategy variant.


Midnight Pickup Field

Based on the institutionally loved tradition of late night Ultimate pickup and scrimmage, this blackout Gamekit offers a sleek, classic alternative to the standard Starting 7 gamekit.

A field all it's own, each Limited Edition Midnight Pickup field also includes "Stealth Spaces", which +1 any player action when playing in the shadows.


Midnight Field Bag

The exclusive Midnight Pickup Gamekit Field Bag is the perfect game companion for all those high-end, black-tie events so commonly attended by Ultimate players everywhere.

Travel ready and waterproof, with drawstring clasp and carabiner standard, this sleek addition comes included with any Midnight Pickup Gamekit.


Strategy Playmaker Pin

The exclusive "Midnight Moon" metal pin includes 18 different options for offensive and defensive strategy, as well as a handy fall back option for counting team rolls, and bid results.

The 1.25" metal and enamel Playmaker Spinner Pin is the perfect add-on for any neoprene playing field.


Midnight Pickup Teams

For those coaches interested in team variety, the Midnight Pickup Gamekit includes three options for team color. Setup with classic Black vs. White team colors, or switch to Grey for either team, to increase, or decrease player visibility.

Midnight Gamekit also includes two custom designed Midnight play discs, as well as Offensive and Defensive Strategy dice.


All the fun of Midnight Pickup without the twisted ankles, player collisions, Hucks to the face, or hospital throws into the abyss, that normally come with running around throwing a 175g plastic widow(er)-maker at 13 other people in the middle of the night.

Midnight Teams

The Midnight Pickup Gamekit includes 2 full team bags, with Strategy dice, and color coded disc. Gamekit also includes an optional Grey "Backup Team" choice for enhanced visibility.

Midnight Strategy Playmaker Pin

The 1.25" Exclusive Midnight Strategy Playmaker Pin is metal alloy, inlaid with soft enamel finish. Pin comes with PVC pin clasp to ensure no "pokiness" where there shouldn't be.

Midnight Pickup Field

The Exclusive Midnight Pickup field is designed with key "shadow spaces" that give players +1 to any action taken while on the space.

Midnight Game Bag

The sleek, black-tie event ready, Midnight Game Bag comes exclusively with the Midnight Pickup Gamekit.

*Extremely Limited Edition.

Midnight Strategy Playmaker Pin

The Midnight Strategy Playmaker Pin ensures that the integrity of Midnight Ultimate is maintained by forcing everyone to wear a headlamp while playing. This fun Mini Strategy Playmaker is designed with 18 strategy outcomes; 9 each for Offense and Defense.

Headlamps Recommended

Midnight Strategy Playmaker Pin

The Ultimate Classic Black-Tie Event

The Next Chess Option

Pub Ready

The Midnight Pickup Gameplay Guide

Pickup Gameplay Guide

Download the abridged Pickup Gameplay Guide as a slim reference for basic Huck + Monster rules. Designed for travel, this mini-pamphlet rolls easily into any Pickup Game Bag.

Download Pickup Guide

Pickup Gameplay Guide

Download the abridged Pickup Gameplay Guide as a slim reference for basic Huck + Monster rules. Designed for travel, this mini-pamphlet rolls easily into any Pickup Game Bag.

Download Pickup Guide

Team Spinner Upgrades

Team Playmakers

Add exclusive team spinners to your Midnight Pickup Kit to complete the full Midnight Playmaker Pin set. This optional pair of Red + Blue Team Pins can be added to the Midnight Gamekit as dice alternatives. Please note: Team dice (D6) are included in the Midnight Gamekit. Team Playmaker Pins are optional, and can be selected below.