Beakers + Test Tubes

Beakers + Test Tubes

Thank you for your interest in Huck + Monster. Let's talk some science.

Huck + Monster's Alpha Launch (the one you see now), was designed as an experiment. We've created several sets of hypotheses, identified metrics and measures to indicate success, and evaluated several multi-variate testing tracks for longitudinal analysis. We're way into it.

Here are the goals, off the top.

Quality: Huck + Monster is intended to be a durable, long-lasting, quality strategy game. Great care has been taken in the selection of the Huck + Monster product line, with each item being adjusted based on team testing. Each product will continue to undergo quality control updates, as the overall efficiency of game production improves.

Due to the boutique, small run nature of our current Gamekits, supplies are limited, and overall costs are high. It is our intention to continue to offer less expensive game versions, but in the short term we acknowledge that this price point isn't for everyone.

We understand, and have provided a few different pricing options for the short term, with the goal of bringing down overall costs as the company evolves.

Youth Accessible: Create a mini Ultimate game that is fun, relatively easy to learn, and includes enough implicit strategy that game enthusiasts of all types can enjoy the game of Ultimate.

Multi-Purpose: Condense Ultimate theory and strategy into a useful sideline toolkit that can also be used to reference, or plan, on-field action. Extendable game pieces can also be used to help illustrate fundamental Ultimate concepts, and will continue to expand into educational spaces.

Streamlined: Simplify complex game components (while also retaining the feel of Ultimate) to bundle easily into a highly mobile mini-gamekit. Travel ability is critical to Huck + Monster, and will allow coaches to draft other Sideline All-Stars to the mini Ultimate game field.

Expect the game to continue to evolve. To participate in that evolution, we recommend checking out the "Community" options in the footer. We look forward to your feedback as we prepare for the next round of the tournament.

- The Handler


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