Spin + Roll


Emergency Strategy Pins

Each exclusive Huck + Monster Playmaker Pin is designed to pin directly to any Huck + Monster neoprene Pickup playing field, making it the ideal dice substitute for Emergency Pickup on the Ultimate tournament sideline. Emergency Strategy Pins come standard in Limited Edition Gamekits.

Chilly Offense

Pair this stylish Blue offensive Playmaker with any offensive team play to determine throw distance, bid outcomes, and team movement. Includes 18 count outcomes (D18); with a frosty blue snowflake on every 1.25" soft enamel pin.

*Replaces standard offensive team dice.

Strategy Playmaker

The Exclusive Emergency Playmaker (Spinning) Pin is the quick, and easy, way to increase each team's strategy options by 3. Offense and defense share 18 possible outcomes on this soft enamel and metal spinning pin, offering a new challenge to every "Up Call".

*Enhances, or replaces, Strategy Dice.

Electric Defense

Use the Red defensive Playmaker with any defensive team play to determine bid outcome for mark, intercept, or challenge. Spin for up to 18 count (D18) outcomes any key defensive "Up Call" action, or before and after scores for team movement.

*Replaces standard defensive team dice.

The Classy Team Dice Replacement

Pair any Huck + Monster Gamekit with the Team Playmaker Pin set to completely remove the need for team dice for player actions, team movement, or special plays.

Midnight Strategy Pin

Included in every Limited Edition Midnight Pickup Gamekit, this Strategy Playmaker offers an alternative to the (always included) Huck + Monster Strategy dice.


Dueling Strategy Dice

Add variety on the field, or the sideline with this pair of handy dueling Strategy Playmaker Dice. The original Strategy Playmaker, this pair of 16mm standard six-sided Dice are ready for Huck + Monster play, or as a team decision maker for real-world Ultimate.