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Starting 7 Pickup Laptop Field

Sale price$28.00 USD

The Starting 7 Pickup Laptop Field is the backup travel option of choice for all those return-to-office, or college-going, Huck + Monster fans. When storing a laptop, this neoprene laptop sleeve doubles as an instantly flat, game ready, field backing. Perfect for office breaks, or 20 minute games at the bus stop. Store the laptop, play the game.

This durable, lightweight, Laptop Field comes equipped with internal padded zipper, and fully lined faux fur interior. Laptop Field material is resistant to chilly weather, warm suns, and liquids of all types.

Please Note: Huck + Monster recommends storing Gamekit pieces separately, in a Pickup Gamekit Bag, when storing a Laptop, or other digital devices, inside the Laptop Field. Under certain circumstances, game pieces may become loose when included with a laptop, and create a pressure point that could damage device screens when compressed.

Field Backup

The Pickup Laptop Field carries the full Huck + Monster Game System, compactly, flatly, and waterproof-ly, while doubling as a Pickup Field backup.

Guide Included

The Deluxe Pickup Laptop Field includes the mini starter Huck + Monster instructions, printed directly on-field, for quick + easy reference.

Office Tourney

Setup your own office tournament while minimizing the extra game pieces, or carry the whole kit in for installation in the office conference room.

Tabletop Ultimate Gameplay + Strategy

Huck + Monster Pickup Gamekits are available in three different starting configurations, providing a variety of field styles, strategy options, and personalized game setups.

Expandable Gameplay + Strategy

Customize your Pickup Gamekits with an extended collection of game play options. Improve game travel-ability with Field Bags, or extend game rules to include Mini Games, personalized players, or disc colors.