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Huck + Monster

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Field-to-Table, Ultimate Strategy + Gameplay

Seven on the line

Starting 7 Pickup Gamekit

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Table-to-Field, Emergency Sideline Ultimate

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Emergency Pickup Gamekit

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7 vs 7

Two teams of seven Ultimate players compete for control of the game disc. Win matchups to control the game disc on the next Up Call.

Disc skills

Roll dice, or spin Team Playmaker Pins, to determine the distance of player moves, disc moves, Up Call actions, or defensive bid success.


Strategically position "Chilly" offensive players to complete classic Ultimate plays using Throws, Continues, and Catches.


Position Ultimate players to take action as "Electric" defense. Mark, Intercept, or Challenge, offensive actions to force disc turnovers.


Complete Catches in the opponent's end zone to Score points. First to 7 points wins a "Pickup" game. First to 3 wins a "Scrimmage" game.

Strategy Gameplay

Huck + Monster is a "move and pass" game, based on Ultimate (Frisbee) rules and regulations.

2-4 Players

Play heads up, or with 2 Coaches per team. Swap team actions during 4 player games.

15-30 Minutes

Games to 3 take between 15 to 30 minutes to complete. 7 point games vary wildly in game time.

Ages 14+

Game dynamics and complexity are recommended for coaches older than the age of 14.


Durable Design

Huck + Monster gamekits are designed to travel from the Ultimate field, to the table, and back to the field again. Recruit new coaches from your office, or create mini-tournaments in tandem with other Coaches rotating onto the weekly Ultimate sidelines.

Game Upgrades

Expand starter Huck + Monster Gamekits to add exclusive specialized strategy upgrades, field bags, mini games, and strategy extensions, to Starter 7 game play. Personalize game discs, or playing fields, to build your perfect Ultimate Pickup team.


Huck + Monster is based on the rule of Ultimate, and uses a move + pass game mechanic to maneuver the game disc toward your opponent's end zone. Huck + Monster offers different levels of game guides, for new-to-experienced Ultimate players.



Each Huck + Monster Pickup Gamekit can be customized to include the game mechanic, team colors, or strategy components that match your preferred play style. Add strategy pins, custom playing fields, or one of many upcoming Gameplay modifications to design your perfect pickup game.

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Spin Up Your Strategy

Combine on-field tactics with Exclusive Strategy Playmakers, to spin up new game options, challenges, and play outcomes. Strategy Playmakers start with standard D6 Dice, scaling up to 18 potential offensive and defensive outcomes when using Strategy Playmaker Pins.

Strategy Playmakers


expanded gameplay

Expand any Huck + Monster Gamekit to include additional strategy mods, team options, or game rules, with exclusive Mini Game pieces, game cards, or backup sideline teams. Add complexity to gameplay, or add spice to the home (office) field with these mini Ultimate game pieces.

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Sideline Awards

Award live Ultimate play with up to 50 unique Spirit Badge stickers. Combine all the rizz of team support, with all the razz of the sideline heckle, in this set of unique Ultimate player gifts.

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