Regulation Gameplay


This regulation game guide is formatted in a "classic board game" style, which includes the extensive full ruleset for all Huck + Monster game variations. Starting Coaches, please refer to the Quick Guide. Returning Coaches, please refer to the Visual Guide.

7 vs 7

Two teams of seven Ultimate players compete for control of the game disc. Win matchups to control the game disc on the next Up Call.

Disc Skills

Roll dice, or spin Team Playmaker Pins, to determine the distance of player moves, disc moves, Up Call actions, or defensive bid success.


Strategically position "Chilly" offensive players to complete classic Ultimate plays using Throws, Continues, and Catches.


Position Ultimate players to take action as the "Electric" defense. Mark, Intercept, or Challenge, offensive actions to force disc turnovers.


Complete Catches in the opponent's end zone to Score points. First to 7 points wins a "Pickup" game. First to 3 wins a "Scrimmage" game.


End-to-End Gameplay

Ultimate Tabletop Gameplay + Strategy

Huck + Monster is a field-to-table Ultimate game that condenses the action and strategy of on-field Ultimate play into a travel sized, sideline ready, turn-based gamekit.

Coach your Ultimate Team by strategically positioning your players to open up optimal offensive throw paths and cutting lanes, or by creating defensive Ultimate plays, using coordinated defender actions.

Score 1 point for every successful catch in your opponent's end zone. Score 3 points to win a short game (Scrimmage), or 7 points to win a regulation game (Pickup).

The Basics

• Two Ultimate teams bid for control of the game disc, in a strategic race to complete end zone catches to score points. Position seven Ultimate team players strategically on the game field to move the game disc toward the opponent's end zone.

• Use player position to gain an advantage over the opposition during each team move. Use offensive player advantages to move the disc from player positions, while avoiding well-placed Ultimate defenders. Use defensive player advantages to defend the end zone through player matchups, disc bids, and defensive actions.

• Move your team after successful Catches, Turnovers, or Pulls. Position your offensive team to successfully pass the game disc from player to player. Position your defensive team to prevent disc movement, while also placing key defenders to quickly score after successful turnovers.

• Like the game of Ultimate, disc possession is dynamic. Offensive players control the game disc during Up Calls. Defensive players matchup against offensive players to bid on the game disc. Successful defensive actions result in a turnover. Successful defenders become the Handler during the next Up Call.

• Complete successful catches in the opponent's end zone to score. Score 7 points to win a full "Pickup Game". Score 3 points to win a "Quick Scrimmage". Track wins to determine sideline tournament Champions on your real-life Ultimate team.

Starter Game Equipment

• 1 Pickup Game Field
• 2 Teams + Equipment Sets
• 16 Total Players (2 Backup)
• 6 Color Coded Team Dice (D6)
• 2 Color Coded Game Discs
• 2 Strategy Dice
• 2 Velvet Team Bags

• 1 Pickup Instruction Guide
• 1 Gameplay Field Manual
• 1 Cardboard Game Package


Pro Game Guidelines

Huck + Monster uses several levels of instruction to give new Ultimate players a chance to catch up to the Expert and Pro game guidelines. Rules included in this section are recommended for Coaches already familiar with the Starting game guidelines.

Build your perfect Ultimate Pickup game by incorporating new play mechanics, equipment types, and play complexity into your next sideline tournament.

By leveling up to the more complicated Expert and Pro Huck + Monster instructions, each new game is an opportunity to introduce someone outside of Ultimate space to the fundamentals of the game. These simple-to-learn (difficult-to-master) game guidelines are designed to help you recruit new Ultimate players for on-field practice drills, and disc skills.

Gameplay Options
Quick Game Guide
Visual Game Guide
Regulation Game Guide (You are here)

Pickup Game Guide
Gameplay Field Manual


Game Expansions

Expand the starting game guidelines to include the Limited Edition Gamekit component catalog. Each Gamekit, Mini Game, or Upgrade includes additional equipment used to further expand game options.

Customize your Ultimate Pickup game configuration by modifying player stats, game mechanics, end zone shape and size, or strategy outcomes to add variety to your home field game rules.

Expanded instructions include all of the key guidelines for each game expansion, centralized here for convenient reference.

Starting 7 Pickup Gamekit
Midnight Pickup Gamekit
Emergency Pickup Gamekit

Mini Games
Mini Cone Gamekit
Mini Disc Gamekit
Mini Sideline Gamekit

Strategy Playmakers
Midnight Strategy Playmaker Pin
Emergency Strategy Playmaker Pin
Team Playmaker Pins


Handler Solutions


Based on playtester feedback, certain setup and play techniques may help streamline the Huck + Monster gameplay experience under different circumstances. This collection of tips and tricks has been provided by the Handlers at the Huck + Monster head office to help troubleshoot some of the most common sideline issues.

Join the Huck + Monster Discord group to add your playtester feedback to the discussion.

Game Flow

Huck + Monster game mechanics combine disc movement, player position, and field setup to complete a comprehensive turn-based strategy framework. Certain steps may be completed many times, while other steps may be frequently skipped.

Game mechanics work as a linear set of actions. Starting at the top center line, each key step (indicated by a dot) is an opportunity for team players to take an action. If no defensive players are within the distance of offensive action, then the action is automatically successful, with play continuing as planned.

The offensive team acts first to Throw, Continue, or Catch. If positioned correctly, defensive players then roll dice to "bid" against offensive actions.

Defensive players must roll a higher dice count total than the offensive dice count total to win the bid. The player with the highest dice count total then takes possession of the game disc, becoming the new Handler on the next Up Call.

Download Field Manual


Same rules, different medium. For those Coaches who prefer visual instructions with supporting text, or would prefer to view the game play by action type, refer to our comprehensive Visual Gameplay Guidelines. Note: Rulesets may vary slightly between game guideline versions.

Visual Instructions