Stalls + Rethrows

Stalls + Rethrows

Whew. Totally.

Huck + Monster has been actively expanding behind the scenes to produce some of the work that you see listed on the site. More importantly (and certainly more time consuming) is setting up the business relationships necessary to offer new products for 2023.

Could we have launched in October?

Yes, we could have. In fact, our fingers were hovering over the "launch" button. Poised, and ready, the stripped down version of this site was a one page train wreck of confusing instructions, redundant thinking, and bad photography.

And we knew it.

So, instead of launching a sub-market-ready product in the hopes of fully testing with the audience, creating revs, and working through a bunch of new game mechanics with many different voices, we called in subject matter experts and focused on small team testing.

Based on the results, we knew we had improvements to make.

So we made them. Very quickly.

Could we have launched in November?

Yes, we very easily could have. However... some products were not performing at the quality level necessary to play on the sidelines effectively. So... we made changes again. We added custom playmakers, updated strategy dice, explored additional mini games, and created an entire line of products to show your Ultimate connection anywhere it's sunny outside.

We put in work. But that work, manufacture, and delivery of custom products also took time. And that's why you've been waiting for so long.

Could we have launched on January 1?

Definitely. We definitely could have. But... shipping was going to be a nightmare. Many of our products must be custom assembled from a variety of sources, which happens at the home office. However, then we ship to a totally different location (which is what we're doing as I write this post) for retail distribution.

As we finalize these official business dealings, we understand that many of you have been frustrated by shifting release dates. We apologize, and assure you that the time delayed in our launch means a much better experience when you join the fully realized Huck + Monster community.

Thank you for your time and continued interest. We're looking forward to seeing you on the sidelines.

(Also: we started working with leagues.)

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