Mini Disc Gamekit

Sale price$12.50 USD

Personalize your team colors with this pack of 7 18mm x 3mm resin game discs. This Mini Disc Gamekit further customizes team attitude, while conveniently also offering backup discs for wayward throws into the grass.

All Huck + Monster Pickup Gamekits include 2 color coded game discs per kit. The Mini Disc Gamekit expands on existing disc options, and should be considered optional for new coaches.

18mm Action

Hone those disc skills with the Huck + Monster Mini Disc Gamekit. Pick your favorite color to add a bit of flair to the team, or to rep those college colors. Kit includes backups, and exclusive upgrades.

Field Favorite

This collection of Huck + Monster mini discs are the easy way to keep track of game momentum. Start with offensive disc color. Flip the disc to indicate turnovers. Swap discs for offense after points. Pros: note those turnover scores.

Favorite Disc

Customize your favorite team color with these expansion discs. Add backups, or collect this 7 disc batch for use with any Gamekit, or Ultimate gift. Game discs are easy to move, ready to pack, and sought after in a marbles battle.

Tabletop Ultimate Gameplay + Strategy

Huck + Monster Pickup Gamekits are available in three different starting configurations, providing a variety of field styles, strategy options, and personalized game setups.

Expandable Gameplay + Strategy

Customize your Pickup Gamekits with an extended collection of game play options. Improve game travel-ability with Field Bags, or extend game rules to include Mini Games, personalized players, or disc colors.