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Gamekit Modifications

Mini Games, Big Plays

Huck + Monster Mini Gamekits offer an additional cutting lane for any Pickup Game interested in adding a little style to the strategy. Each Huck + Monster Mini Gamekit can be added to any Pickup Gamekit to level-up the complexity and variety of the classic starter game setups.

Mini Disc Gamekit

Backup your game discs, or add variety to the mini on-field arsenal, with this expansion game disc pack. Pack includes 7 multi-colored game discs, for use with any Pickup Gamekit.

Mini Cone Gamekit

May the Coneflowers be in your favor with our exclusive Mini Cone Gamekit. Add these 1/28 scale field cones to your Huck + Monster game, or to a shared office desk near you.

Sideline Gamekit

Stock up on extra game pieces with this mini-sideline setup. Add designated Handlers and Monsters, alternate disc colors, or backup Strategy Dice to your Gamekit for even more Ultimate options.

Mini Cone Gamekit

Add this Mini Gamekit to any Pickup game field to create new obstacles, end zones, or game styles. Mini Cone Gamekits are recommended for indoor use only, and should be only be incorporated into Pickup games played on a solid, flat playing surface.

Mini Cone Gamekit

Hot Hex

Place six cones in the center of the board in the shape of a hex. Use one cone for each "Hex" corner, with one space between each point.

Assemble 5 team players in each end zone. Play, as per. Players must be inside of the “Hex” to score points. Only one offensive player is allowed in hex per play.

Callahans count.

Mini Cone Gamekit

Cone Push

Place seven cones along the center line. Place one player anywhere in your end zone. Take turns rolling three dice for throw distance to push cones in any direction.

Players may split count into multiple throws per turn. Both players target any one cone, or stack of cones. Roll two dice end of turn to move players. Disc returns to player after each throw.

Win the match by pushing 4 cones into your opponent’s end zone. Defense moves cone back to line on score.

Mini Cone Gamekit

Pothole Markers

Place one mini cone on each of the orange end zone positions at the beginning of the game, or each new point (before Pull).

For each standard game turnover, new defenders add one cone to any open field space that is adjacent to any team player. With all cones in play, select a player-adjacent cone and move it to a player-adjacent open space.

Mini Disc Gamekit

The Mini Disc Gamekit includes a variety of discs not (yet) found in standard Pickup Gamekits. Customize Pickup game discs to match your personality, league brand, or favorite team color. Highly recommended for sideline play, where rollers may get lost in the grass.

Mini Sideline Gamekit

Backup the on-field squad with these designated sideline pieces. Store extras for lost pieces, or add variety with a designated Handler, or Monster for game play variation.