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Ultimate Strategy

Huck + Monster is a "move and pass" game, based on Ultimate (Frisbee) rules and regulations.

2-4 Players

Play heads up, or with 2 Coaches per team. Swap team actions during 4 player games.

15-30 Minutes

Games to 3 take between 15 to 30 minutes to complete. 7 point games vary wildly in game time.

Ages 14+

Game dynamics and complexity are recommended for coaches older than the age of 14.

Starting 7 Pickup Gamekit

The Starting 7 Pickup Gamekit includes everything new coaches need to learn how to play the miniature turn-based strategy version of Ultimate Frisbee.

Starting 7 Gamekit

Midnight Pickup Gamekit

Perfect for the discerning strategy game purist, this sleek, monochromatic gamekit is our homage to the classic strategy game motif. Includes all core Strategy Playmakers, plus the Exclusive Midnight Pickup Strategy Pin, and the Exclusive Midnight Field Bag.

Limited Edition: 100

Midnight Pickup Gamekit

Emergency Pickup Gamekit

Our fully streamlined, high-visibility, Emergency Pickup Gamekit includes a full set of 3 Limited Edition strategy + game pins, Emergency Pickup Field, all standard team pieces, and the Emergency Pickup Cone Game Bag.

Limited Edition: 100

Emergency Pickup Gamekit

Playing Fields + Gamekits

Gamekits compared

Field Type

Green Playmat (16"x10")

Black Playmat (16"x10")

Orange Playmat (16"x10")

Team Colors

Orange Team vs Yellow Team

Black Team vs White Team

Red Team Vs Blue Team

Game Mechanics

6 (D6) Dice + 2 Custom Strategy Dice

6 (D6) Dice + 1 Strategy Spinner Pin

2 Playmaker Spinner Pins + 1 Strategy Spinner Pin

Strategy Type

Strategy Dice (D6)

Strategy Spinner Pin (1)

Strategy Dice (D6)

Playmaker Pins (2) + Strategy Pin (1)

Field Bag

Available as add-on

Limited Edition Black, Included

Limited Edition Orange, Included

Ideal for

Field-to-Table, Indoor Play

Pubs + Parties, Hybrid

Table-to-Field, Sidelines

Long-Lasting, Effervescent

Durable design

Field Specs

Huck + Monster Ultimate fields are full-color sublimation printed on durable, waterproof, fabric-coated neoprene for flexibility, durability, and travel-ability. Upgrade with a Field Bag to maximize game travel, and Sideline tournament possibilities.


Pickup Gamekits are designed for travel, ensuring game pieces can be thrown together at a moment's notice when the live Ultimate team has to switch real life Ultimate fields after the big Universe point.

Field Manual

Pickup Gamekits include a light Pickup Gameplay Guide for quick reference on-the-go, as well as a full Gameplay Field Manual for official expanded rules, and turn-based tabletop game play.

Specialty Pins

Limited Edition Pickup Gamekits also include Specialty Playmaker Pins, which can be added to any Huck + Monster Gamekit, for Coaches interested in evolving to the next level of strategic Ultimate play.

GAme Expansion

Each new game piece, strategy component, or unique Ultimate product, builds on core Pickup Gamekits to create customized game options, playing styles, or strategy alternatives to personalize your next Ultimate team dynasty.

Strategic Toolkit

Huck + Monster Gamekits may also be used as a coaching companion. Real world Ultimate coaches can use the Huck + Monster equipment to demonstrate key Ultimate tactics, plays, or strategies to up-and-coming, Junior Ultimate players.

gamekit quick view

Huck + Monster Pickup Gamekits are available in three different starting configurations, providing a variety of field styles, strategy options, and personalized game setups.

Midnight Pickup Gamekit
Mini Cone Gamekit
Starting 7 Pickup GamekitStarting 7 Pickup Gamekit
Starting 7 Pickup Gamekit Sale price$28.50 USD
Midnight Pickup GamekitMidnight Pickup Gamekit
Midnight Pickup Gamekit Sale price$48.00 USD
Emergency Pickup GamekitEmergency Pickup Gamekit
Emergency Pickup Gamekit Sale price$58.00 USD
Mini Cone GamekitMini Cone Gamekit
Mini Cone Gamekit Sale price$12.50 USD