Emergency Playmaker Pin

Sale price$12.50 USD

The Emergency Strategy Playmaker Pin is designed for high-visibility, outdoor use, and can be added to any Pickup Gamekit.

Offensive and defensive teams both use the Emergency Playmaker Pin to expand strategy outcomes to include up to 18 different unique Ultimate results. Each team may use the Emergency Strategy Playmaker Pin once per Up Call to significantly shift the course of game play at the Coach's discretion.

Custom manufactured for the Huck + Monster Gamekits, these pins combine both Offense, and Defensive results into a handy, travel-ready metallic pin. Strategy Playmakers can be pinned directly to any neoprene Pickup Gamekit field mat, and are the upgraded alternative to Strategy Playmaker Dice.

strategy pin

The Limited Edition Emergency Playmaker pin is high-visibility ultimate strategy. Printed in micro text, Coaches should consider this a deluxe MINI strategy upgrade.

Travel Ready

Leave the Strategy Dice in the bag with this fully travel-able Playmaker Pin strategy replacement. Spin for any strategy "roll" instructions found in game guides.

Field Friendly

Pin the Emergency Strategy Playmaker Pin directly to any Pickup playing field to ensure each team has up to 9 strategy options wherever Huck + Monster is played.


Light the way for Offense, or Defense, with the Emergency Playmaker Pin. Stick the pin directly to the neoprene playing field to enjoy fully mobile game play without the need for strategy dice.