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Huck + Monster works with Ultimate Teams, Leagues, and Tournaments to offer a variety of partnership options. Tournament Coordinators and League Organizers should contact Huck + Monster directly for more information regarding partnership details.

Plan Your Event

Plan that upcoming Ultimate event early to receive custom designed Huck + Monster League, or Tournament Gear.

Team Discounts

Partner with Huck + Monster to fundraise for your Team with discounted Field Gear and Equipment.


Become a merchant partner to carry Huck + Monster Gear in your Tournament booth, or local disc shop.


Offer other Ultimate players a super secret, on-field only, "Word of Play" discounts with special team codes.

Be social

Become a social media partner to get FREE Huck + Monster promotional gear for the squad's social media feed.

Ultimate Discounts

Add some zesty spiciness to the promotional booth this season with discounted Huck + Monster Field Gear for your attending Ultimate fans.

Decrease the team costs, or plan some micro-fundraising for the upcoming Ultimate Tournament or Summer League, with discounted Huck + Monster Field Wear.

Personalized Products

Qualifying partners will have the opportunity to have their Team, Tournament, or League design listed on to help promote your Ultimate organization.

Players who missed out, or fans who want to help support the next Ultimate season, can purchase a design on, even after the season ends.

Secret Handshakes

Give the Ultimate Team, League, or Tournament players a secret code to get discounts on your past League shirts, available in the Huck + Monster store.

Share the secret handshake at your own peril, dear player, as the number of extra shirts printed is Extremely Limited, and may sell out to other Ultimate fans across the country.


Partner Organizations


Teams, Take your fields

Organization Type

Ultimate Team

Ultimate Tournament

Ultimate League

Player Count

15 - 45 Players

45 - 100 Players

75 - 300 Players

Play Dates

Full Season

Several Days

Several Weeks

Social Partnership

Duration of Season


Duration of League

Sales Partnership

Discount Code

Tournament Reseller

Marketing Placements

Product Styles

Games + Discs

Field Gear + Field Wear

Custom Designed Ultimate Shirts

Agreement Details

Social Media Promotion

Discounted Inventory

Marketing Placement






Team Coach, or Sponsor

Tournament Sales Coordinator

League Organizer, or Board

Product Design

by Huck + Monster

by Huck + Monster

by Huck + Monster


coordinator note

Team Monsters


Huck + Monster is currently seeking (ISO) Ultimate Teams with extraordinary personality and social media chops.

These digital partners must be willing to demonstrate their Ultimate team testing NEW products (pre-release), wearing FREE stuff, tossing FREE discs, or participating in SECRET Huck + Monster team game testing and promotions.

This motley crew of Ultimate Monsters should be willing to share their love on "the Instagrams" from a few different player accounts per weekly game, while also sharing secret "word of mouth" discount codes with other on-field Ultimate players.

We are currently seeking 2023 Team Partners. Message @Huckandmonster on Instagram to see if your team qualifies for Team Partnership.

Booth Gear


Apply for the Huck + Monster Tournament Partner program to receive custom field gear for your upcoming local Tournament.

For each participating Tournament, Huck + Monster will custom design a batch of Tournament shirts, discs, or hats, to provide the organizers with additional swag for that on-field fundraising merch booth.

Qualifying tournament merch booths receive a bulk discount on their custom designed products to help lower costs, and increase fundraising profits for your Ultimate organization. Tournament partners will also have their custom design added to our online shirt library, and available for sale in the Huck + Monster store.

Apply now to see if your Tournament qualifies.

League Wear


Huck + Monster League Partners are in it for the long Huck (or at least until the Season ends). League organizers can benefit from bulk discounts on customized League shirts and discs.

Provide the "Shirt details" for that Ultimate season, and Huck + Monster provides the shirt design; printed, by the hundreds, with your custom League details included.

After the season ends, promote the League shirt design in the Huck + Monster online store to earn rewards for the next Ultimate League Season.

By promoting the League's design on, League supporters can help decrease costs for the next Huck + Monster partner season.

Let's Connect

League + Tournament Coordinators

Huck + Monster is happy to work with Ultimate Advocates, or Ultimate Organizations of any size, to help promote the sport of Ultimate.

Organization coordinators should complete the Huck + Monster League Application form to start the partnership discussion today.

Partnership Inquiries