Spirit Badges

The Grey Ghost

Sale price$5.50 USD

Choose from a full set of Huck + Monster "Spirit Badges" to reward Sideline All-Stars for "big" plays during the on-field Ultimate game. Find the exact right sticker for each player personality, on-field play, or Ultimate situation that merits special sideline attention.

Share with the home team players, or heckle the opposing team, to maximize the Ultimate rizz (and razz) during the game.

Sideline Awards

Sideline players award Spirit Badges to on-field players returning from the field. Call the badge type from the sidelines for players receiving an award during points for extra rizz.

Game Proven

Find the perfect badge to award to any Ultimate player who "stands out" in the game. Collect a full set of badges over the course of a Summer League to claim bragging rights on the team.

Sideline Razzies

Nothing says "maybe next time" like a sticker commemorating the occasion from a good friend, or opposing team. Send the right sticker at the right time to highlight spirit, or throw some razz.