Huck + Monster Truck Stop

Sale price$18.50 USD
Imagine the smell of breakfast grease, and flapjack syrup, when wearing the Huck + Monster Truck Stop cap. Very possibly the most important breakfast cap of the day. (Truck Stop caps are not food.)
Color: Rustic Orange/ Khaki

Sunny Scrimmage

10-4, good buddy. Roger that on the request to add Trucker Caps. (Grease + Syrup smell not included, but definitely recommended.)

Field Tested

This product is frequently worn by the Huck + Monster staff, and has performed very well in real-world testing on local Ultimate fields.

10-4, Social

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Tabletop Ultimate Gameplay + Strategy

Huck + Monster Pickup Gamekits are available in three different starting configurations, providing a variety of field styles, strategy options, and personalized game setups.

Expandable Gameplay + Strategy

Customize your Pickup Gamekits with an extended collection of game play options. Improve game travel-ability with Field Bags, or extend game rules to include Mini Games, personalized players, or disc colors.